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We offer three levels of coding Class on-line (Elementary, Middle school & High school). Our beginner classes starts with block coding, then Java basic, Python followed by advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Courses. All our courses are designed to cover the current technological demand so that students can be confident to get good college admissions and/or Internships/job after completion of our high school courses.

Block coding, App & Web Development, JavaScript Basics

Course E1: Animations, Designs and Game Fundamentals

  • Major Topics: Grid System, Look Effects, Conditional Events, Dance Animations, , Conditions, Nested & Conditional Loops, Conditional Statements, Game Controls
  • Goal: Developing easy, fun, and interactive character animations that interact with each other

  • Course E2: Canvas Drawing

  • Major Topics:Primitive shapes, Functions, Turns and angels, Boolean conditions, Sequential steps, Basic Arithmetic operations.
  • Goal:Algorithm building for interactive posters and games

  • Course E3: Story and Game Creation

  • Major Topics:Strings, Key Gaming Events, Loops, Debugging Techniques, Actions, Logic Expressions
  • Goal:Developing interactive games and stories that can be shared

  • Course E4: Animated Game Development

  • Major Topics:Sprite Designing, Pixel Calculation, Strings, Variables, Maths, Behaviors, Gaming Events.
  • Goal:Developing animations and games with objects characters that interact with each other.

  • Course E5: Game Development, Interactive design

  • Major Topics:Interactive Art, Animations, Loops, Conditionals, Speech Controls, Mouse Controls, Pen Controls, Text-Based Programming
  • Goal:Generating personalized graphical user interfaces for developing games that can be shared with all

  • Course E6: GUI Application Development

  • Major Topics:Sequences, Events, Variables, Conditional Statements, Timed Loops, Graphic User Interface Controls, Functions, Database Creation, Publishing Apps
  • Goal:Developing GUI based applications and record management applications

  • Course E7:JavaScript Basics

  • Major Topics:Basic Javascript concepts and Functions
  • Goal:Develop various shapes, animations and games using JavaScript Language.

  • Course E8: Utility Application Development

  • Major Topics:User Interface Controls, Turtle, Math Operations, Canvas Features , Code Debugging, Managing the Records(Deletion, Updation), Publishing Apps
  • Goal:Developing advanced animated and database applications

  • Course E9: Web development

  • Major Topics:HTML, CSS, Add Images/Audios, Designing Your Web Page
  • Goal:Developing a mini website with a gallery

Python, UI/UX, Basic Website Development, Basic AI & ML

Course M1: Python Basics Features

  • Major Topics:Basic Python Syntax, Programming Concepts, Graphical User Interface(GUI) based module like Tkinter
  • Goal:Developing basic Python applications

  • Course M2: UI/UX Basic

  • Major Topics:Basic HTML,CSS, JavaScript, React JS
  • Goal:Developing basic web based application containing static web pages

  • Course M3: Supervised Machine Learning Concept

  • Major Topics:Basic Concepts of Supervised Machine Learning, Linear and Logistic Regressions
  • Goal:Developing supervised machine learning model

  • Course M4: Python Intermediate Features

  • Major Topics:Python Intermediate Features, Advanced Programming Concepts, GUI Based Module(Tkinter Intermediate), Pyperclip Module and Random Module
  • Goal:Developing interactive applications in Python

  • Course M5: Static Website Development

  • Major Topics:Intermediate HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJs
  • Goal:Developing static pages of a Web application

  • Course M6: ML Encoding Technique

  • Major Topics:Supervised Machine Learning with Different Data Types(Encoding Technique)
  • Goal:Developing Logistic Regression model with data encoding

  • Course M7: Python Advanced Features

  • Major Topics:Advanced Python Programming Concepts, Data Structure in Python, Functions, Graphical User Interface(GUI) Based Module like Tkinter
  • Goal:Developing advanced level Python applications and programs

  • Course M8: Interactive Website Development

  • Major Topics:Advanced HTML, CSS, Javascript, React JS
  • Goal:Designing and developing advanced interactive web applications

  • Course M9: Ensemble Technique Basic

  • Major Topics:Supervised Machine Learning with Ensemble bagging Technique
  • Goal:Developing an ML model with bagging learning technique

  • Course M10: Unsupervised Machine Learning (ML) Concept

  • Major Topics:Unsupervised Machine Learning Basic Concept, Centroid-based clustering
  • Goal:Developing unsupervised machine learning model

  • Course M11 : Machine Learning (ML) Feature Importance

  • Major Topics:Supervised Machine Learning with Redundant Features
  • Goal:Understanding feature importance of a model

  • Course M12: Understanding XGBOOST

  • Major Topics:Supervised Machine Learning with Ensemble boosting Technique
  • Goal:Developing an ML model with boosting learning technique

Advance Python, AI, ML & Data Science

Course H1: Python Libraries

  • Major Topics:Python NumPy(Numerical Python), Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn
  • Goal:Data visualization techniques

  • Course H2: Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Major Topics:Statistics for Data Science
  • Goal:Understanding sample distribution, sample data collection methods

  • Course H3: Linear Regression Advanced

  • Major Topics:Advanced Concepts of Linear Regression Algorithm
  • Goal:Linear Regression Algorithm in detail and its mathematical interpretation

  • Course H4:Logistic Regression Advanced

  • Major Topics:Advanced Concepts of Logistic Regression Model
  • Goal:Understanding of the Logistic Regression Algorithm details

  • Course H5: Decision Tree Advanced

  • Major Topics:Advanced Techniques in Decision Tree
  • Goal:Understanding of the Decision Tree Intuition, Entropy, Gini index

  • Course H6: K-Means Advanced

  • Major Topics:Advanced Techniques of K-Means Algorithm
  • Goal:Understanding of the mathematical interpretation of K-means Algorithm

  • Course H7: Feature Selection Techniques

  • Major Topics:Feature Importance, Correlation Coefficient, Multicollinearity, Chi2 test
  • Goal:Selecting the most important features to build ML model

  • Course H8: K-Nearest Neighbor

  • Major Topics:K-Nearest Neighbor(KNN) Algorithm Concept
  • Goal:KNN Algorithm detail, distance function, majority vote, etc

  • Course H9: Sampling Technique

  • Major Topics:Oversampling, Undersampling, SMOTE -Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique
  • Goal:Handling unbalanced dataset for a classifier

  • Course H10: Artificial Neural Network

  • Major Topics:Artificial Neural Network(ANN) Algorithm
  • Goal:Building ANN model using various layers

  • Course H11: Deep Learning

  • Major Topics:Deep Learning Concept, Keras
  • Goal:Understanding of Deep Learning and unstructured data

  • Course H12: Natural Language Processing

  • Major Topics:Natural Language Processing Concept, SpaCy
  • Goal:Understanding of NLP using SpaCy and Sentiment Analysis

  • Course H13: Linear Model Evaluation

  • Major Topics:Linear Regression Model Evaluation Metrics
  • Goal:Understanding of the model accuracy and performance tuning

  • Course H14: Random Forest Advanced

  • Major Topics:Advanced Concepts of Random Forest Algorithm
  • Goal:Understanding False Positive, False Negative, TPR , FPR, ROC and AUC

  • Course H15: Support Vector Machine

  • Major Topics:SVM Algorithm(Support Vector Machine)
  • Goal:Understanding of SVM algorithm, Decision Boundary, Best Hyperplane, Large & Small margin

  • Course H16: Computer Vision

  • Major Topics:Computer Vision Concept, OpenCV
  • Goal:Image identification and segmentation



We are very pleased with Curious Science & Learning program for my son. It has given a lot more than just academics. The program benefits are immeasurable as it has also taught him discipline, patience, handle failures and to enjoy success. We are happy to say that Curious science & Learning is benefiting from all those above. I especially have seen him gain more confidence in mathematics. My son loves math and numbers. But this program has given him wings to imagine, create and accuracy, within short amount of time. The program is not generalized like other institutes. It recognizes the child’s present level of understanding the math, and then customizes the program as per child’s capacity. We highly recommend this program to any child at any level. The team’s devotion to each child made all the difference. Thanks to the dedicated team.
Dev, Lowell, MA
This is a great science program. My kids love coming to the classes and learning something new about science in each class. The teachers are nice and make learning fun in the class room through hands-on-experiments.
Rit, Billerica, MA
This Science program is very good and it certainly creates interest and enthusiasm among kids about science with hands on learning and explanation. Having a lesson of a topic, a test, homework and hands-on-activity in one class is very impressive and I can say that the kids are really learning something new in every session. Dr. Bish and teachers are very good at explaining to kids and considers the feedback from parents. I am very much impressed with this program and would definitely recommend others.
Bharathi, Hudson, NH
Our kids love "Curious Science & Learning" - they enjoy doing hands on experiments and learning everyday science facts in a fun filled way. The curriculum is nicely structured - the kids get to go do the hands on experiments, go on field trips to MIT and other institutes/museums and present their research to their classmates and other renowned scientists at the end of each term. Dr. Bish, Mamta and the rest of the team are very dedicated and resourceful! I readily recommend this program to all our aspiring future scientists!
Meyyappa, Tyngsborough, MA
I am happy to find Curious Science & Learning for my daughter who has a thirst to learn a lot in science. This program is designed to be interesting and fun learning with hands on experience for kids. The workshops conducted also play a special role in this program to get the ultimate level of exposure for kids. I like to appreciate Dr.Bish, Mamta and other staff of CSL for coordinating this program and giving a unique direction of easy learning science for kids. I definitely recommend others who have the thirst to learn science in a fun filled way.
Anu, Woburn, MA
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